Frequently asked questions

How is Lexo different than other sites?

Unlike most other language learning sites, Lexo is based on the concept of "natural content" and using it to fully power your learning experience. Consistent exposure to natural content is how we all learned our native language, and how we can learn others!

What is the best way to use Lexo?

When learning a langauge, you will want to work to make that language a part of your everyday life. That can mean attending local meetups to practice in person, studying some grammar or vocab rules if you like, but at the heart of it all should be a source of content which you use to gain daily exposure to the language you love. Lexo provides this as our library of natural content is always growing for you.

Where does Lexo content come from?

Our content comes from a variety of sources and we're developing and looking for more. One of the greatest things about Lexo is that there is no limit to the type or recorded content which we can support. We are here to save you from having to scour the depths of the internet to find great content. If it's interesting, informative, entertaining, or fun (and it's spoken language), it belongs in the Lexo library!

Can I contribute content to Lexo?

Absolutely! If you want to contribute content, you can submit your own transcribed recordings, or if you know of a podcast, collection of interviews, speeches, news source, or another form of content which you have the authority to contribute, we would welcome your submission. Lexo is not only about learning languages, it's about sharing, preserving, and enjoying them.

Can I use Lexo at my school/business?

Yes. Lexo has been built with making sharing and collaborating with educators and businesses in mind. Our product was designed from the ground up to be compatible with a variety of devices, screen sizes, and learning environments to meet the needs of your organization. Whether it's in the computer lab, or on a plane to Berlin, Lexo can help you meet the learning goals of your team.

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